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Liana Ghukasyan
Armenian artist born in Germany (Magdeburg) 1986 based in Milan
2008|2014 Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan. Faculty of visual arts
2003|2008 Diploma of Painting at Fine Arts College of P. Terlemezyan Yerevan, Armenia
1995-2003 Diploma of Painting at Fine Arts School of Chambarak, Armenia
Personal Exhibitions
2018 “ANGELS | ANIMALS”organized by Domenico Maria Papa, Arte Nuvole Contemporaneo, BN
2018 “I believe in the next 7 minutes” organized by Sarah Lanzoni, Galleria Après Coup Milan.
2017 “MY BAD LOVE STORY” organized by Famiglia Margini, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan.
2016 “Tocco – Segno -Taglio” organized by Alessio Moitre Galleria Alessio Moitre, Turin,
2015 “NURB / DELICATO – “Openartgallery” organized by Giuseppe Villani, Milan
2014 “Non bussare alla mia porta”(Don’t knock at my door) – “Malaga home gallery” organized by Giuditta Deodato, Milan.
2013 “Credo nella storia dei miei piedi, e dei fiori gialli” (I believe in the story of my foot and in the yellow flowers) organized by Giuditta Deodato, Progettoarte-elm gallery, Milan
Art Fairs
2019 “ Paviart” Bergamo, Italy
2018 “Wopart” Lugano, Switzerland
2016 “Art-Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair.” Thessaloniki, Greece
2016 “Art Night out Affordable Art Fair” Milano, Italy
2016 ” III Feria de Arte Contenporàneo | Cuarto Pùblico” Santiago, Spain
2016 “We are Fair” Madrid, Spain
2015 “C.A.R. – CONTEMPORARY ART RUHR” Essen, Germany
2015 “Art Athina 2015” Athene, Greece
2015 “Art Vilnius’15” Vilnius, Lituania
2014 “BAF- Bergamo” Bergamo, Italy
2014 “The Others 2014” Studio AKKA (Milano, Sud Corea)
2014 “Art-Athina 2014” Athene, Grecia, Studia Akka (Milano, Sud Corea)
2014 “Art Safari Bucharest ” Bucharest, Romany
Competitions and Awards
2016 “Premio Morlotti” Imbersago, Italy
2013 “Alida Epremian” Winner of Competition
2012 “Premio Tiziano 2012 La percezione psicologia” Selected for the competition
2011 “Paolo Parati Rinasci Arte”, Milan
2011 “Il mondo un Russo” International competition, winner
2010 “Premio Amici di Brera” first prize, Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan
1995 “ Womens in Caucasus ” winner of Painting competition Unicef, Armenia Erevan

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