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Myro Antiques House welcomes you as a new customer at our website.

To allow us to offer a personal and secure service, you will be asked to register with one of the two types of membership explained below.

This is only required the first time and after this you will be able to use our services by stating you Customer ID and personal password.

Please read our  “Terms and conditions”  before continuing.

If you have questions regarding the website, please feel free to contact us either by phone 6937372809 and 2396041553 or by e-mail:


Credit Card Membership

logo1In this type of membership a secure form must be filled with the details of your credit card. The credit card details are kept by our organization and when you win an auction through our procedures, we will draw the amount of money charged to your account. Please note that filling and submitting the form means that you accept our Terms & Conditions and that you accept to be charged in your credit card for everything you buy.

Card and personal details will only be used if you submit a successful bid at one of Myro Antiques House online auctions, and you only need to register your personal details once – when you first register as a new customer.

All account information will, subsequently, be stored in our website's database, and it is possible to change or delete the information on the “MyAccount” profile of yours. .

Please note that the winning bid is conclusive and cannot be cancelled or altered.

Membership is Free. Add to cart

PayPal Membership

logo1Selecting this kind of membership you will be asked to enter your PayPal credentials or to register through a standard form for a PayPal service. Once you register or login with your PayPal service, you must deliver a guarantee pay of 300 euros. This is a yearly fee, and is given back by the end of the year (after 365 days have passed after the initial payment).
Any amount charged into your profile due to your acquisitions via our site can then be paid either through your PayPal Account within 3 day. Also, you will be given the option alternatively to pay us directly at our Bank Account, by depositing the money in a bank, also within 3 days. Alternatively you can pay the amount due in cash in our premises in Souroti, Thessaloniki. Failure to pay the amount due within 3 days with one of the above ways means that you will lose the yearly deposit of 300 euros, as well as the objects you have won in the auction and have failed to pay for. In addition, you will not be gratified the right to bid in our auctions ever again.

Please note that the winning bid is conclusive and cannot be cancelled or altered.

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